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We bring innovative approaches and methods based on application of information and communication technologies to Czech health care and education of medical and paramedical fields.

Our aim is to create a transparent and econonimcally legitimate interface for saving, analysis and application of data across medical fields, with the possibility of access for patients and healthcare payers.

Establishment of the Czech National eHealth Center

The Czech National eHealth Center (NTMC) was established as a coordinating and educational center within the new rapidly developing sector of medicine – eHealth, respectively telemedicine. Nowadays there are a lot of activities in eHealth in Czech Republic, but most of them deals only with partial tasks. The aim of NTMC is to unify these activities under one organizational structure, to search and explore new trends and practices in this field, to test and implement these innovations and principles into practice and last but not least, to develop and use the modern methods in undergraduate and postgraduate education.

The initiatiors of the creation of NTMC are University Hospital Olomouc (FNOL) – Department of Internal Medicine I – Cardiology and Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry of Palacký University Olomouc where currently also works the father of the idea to establish the Center, Prof. MUDr. Miloš Táborský, CSc., FESC, MBA. Other cooperating partners are entities from the ranks of university institutes, health organizations, technology companies and other relevant subjects. In the beginning the cooperation was supported mainly by EU funds under the projects of Education for Competitiveness Operational Programme:

  • Partnerships and cooperation in the field of eHealth
  • Implementation of modern methods from eHealth to teaching medicine
  • Interactive cardiology – modern teaching methods

Another important project of NTMC is:

  • UNIversal solutions in TElemedicine Deployment for European HEALTH care (United4Health)
  • Support and developement of international scientific cooperation of Czech National eHealth Center
  • The partnership of academic institutions in teh field of eHealth, telemedicine and assitive technology


The ambition of NTMC is to become a top workplace, which will be unique in the Czech Republic in scope of its activities and which will collaborate with other specialized educational, research and care providing workplaces within the Czech Republic and also from abroad.


The objective of NTMC is not only to provide common telemedicine health care, but it is especially active work on the development and scientific verification of new telemedicine procedures, getting top know-how from foreign subjects and experts, dissemination of the know-how into other professional workplaces throughout the whole Czech Republic, education of new experts in the field of telemedicine and application of modern methods in teaching within medical and paramedical fields. In 2014 telemedicine has also become a special studying subject of the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry UPOL. Thanks to the established Center, students and academic staff will be able to participate in studies and trainings in foreign expert institutions and companies dealing with eHealth. These workplaces include for example hospitals, technological and development companies or research centers.

One of the biggest advantages of telemedicine treatment is putting emphasis on prevention, improvement of patient´s comfort, time saving of doctors and overall increase in efficiency of providing care. Modern technologies can also increase patient´s safety or success of their treatment and they improve communication between medical staff and patients as well. Moreover, it will be possible to offer to the patients the most modern and highly effective medical methods of the prevention and treatment of wide range of diseases and health problems.

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