Department of Traumatology

Department of Traumatology


The main task of the trauma centre is to provide treatment for severe injuries (polytraumas, multiple injuries and severe monotraumas) from the Olomouc region and part of the Pardubice region. In cooperation with the Emergency Department, the team of the Department of Traumatology is continuously ready to treat injured patients transported by emergency medical services and air rescue services, which provide the transport of the seriously injured patients from a large catchment area. The reception part is combined with the diagnostic complement and continuously available emergency operating rooms, with modern equipment for the treatment of cavity and limb injuries, including the creation of an aseptic environment in the trauma operating theatre with laminar air flow. The trauma centre is equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation, arthroscopic and osteosynthetic instruments, a monitoring system and much more as necessary to save lives and treat patients.

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Department of Traumatology

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