About Us

Olomouc University Hospital is one of the largest in-patient hospitals in the Czech Republic. It belongs to a network of nine university hospitals directly controlled by the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic. It is the largest medical facility in the Olomouc Region and the sixth largest hospital in the country. The history of the second largest employer in the Olomouc Region dates back to 1896.

The natural centre of the hospital is a modern complex which was opened in 2005 and houses many surgical departments, a complementary diagnosis department, central operating theatres and an Intensive Care and Resuscitation Department. The complex also houses a highly specialised Emergency Department which is an "entrance gate" to the hospital for acute patients from the entire region of Central Moravia.

The health facility has been gradually modernised both structurally and in terms of equipment. The building which houses the state-of-the-art PET/CT Diagnostic Department (positron-emission tomography/ computer tomography) was opened in 2010, and a new pharmacy was added in 2015.

The newly-constructed Second Clinic of Internal Medicine and Geriatrics was completed in 2018, and is the largest investment in the last ten years.

In 2009, we were granted national accreditation showing that we provide our patients with superior, high-quality and, most importantly, safe care. Olomouc University Hospital became the fourth accredited medical facility in our country. We undergo a re-accreditation procedure every three years and demonstrate that we are improving the quality of care on a continuous basis.

Olomouc University Hospital is a superior centre in terms of many fields of contemporary medicine. It is also very active in the areas of science research and the education of future health professionals. The hospital is part of the national network of comprehensive oncological, haemato-oncological, traumatological, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular centres. 


University Hospital Olomouc in numbers (2019):

Number of departments: 68
Number of beds: 1 193
Number of employees: 4 226
Number of outpatients per year: 1 009 311
Number of inpatients per year: 54 922
Average treatment duration in days: 5,50
Number of surgeries per year: 22 726