Where to Find Us

Olomouc University Hospital is located in the south-west of the regional capital, in the municipal district of Nová Ulice. We are bound by Hněvotínská, Albertova, Brněnská, Vojanova and I. P. Pavlova streets. From the main railway station in Olomouc the hospital is accessible by trams 1, 4 and 6 (Fakultní Nemocnice (University Hospital stop) and by municipal transport buses 12, 19, 26 (Dvořákova stop) and 21 (Teoretické Ústavy (Theoretical Institutes stop).

From the bus station, Olomouc University Hospital (FNOL) is accessible by tram 4 (Fakultní Nemocnice stop) and municipal transport buses 19 (Dvořákova stop) and 10 (Fakultní Nemocnice stop). The transport of immobile patients within the hospital is provided by circle line bus 42; the bus stops at the tram stops in Brněnská Street (Pionýrská stop).

Olomouc University Hospital can be accessed by car through automatic barrier gates on I. P. Pavlova and Hněvotínská Streets. There is a pedestrians-only entrance from the tram stops in Brněnská Street. There are seven information boards showing the layout of the health facility and they are located at the three entrances and in the most frequented parts of the hospital. The boards provide a detailed description of the location of individual clinics, institutes and departments of Olomouc University Hospital.