Provision of Information for Study Purposes

If you need technical information or to collect data (questionnaire survey) for your thesis (Bachelor's or Master's), please fill in the electronic form of the Social Survey Sheet and attach a template of your questionnaire (provided that you request a questionnaire survey).

Send the documents to one of the following email addresses:

  • Mgr. Jiřina Cahlíková, DiS. (Head of the Quality Department of the University Hospital Olomouc),, tel: 588 444 635.
  • Ing. Bc. Andrea Drobiličová (Charge Nurse of the University Hospital Olomouc),, tel: 588 445 839.

Your request is subject to an approval procedure. Information relating to the approval will be sent to your email address.

Collection of data and technical information from individual departments will not be allowed if approval is not granted.