Charter of Rights of Hospitalized Children

  • Children should be admitted to hospital only if the required care cannot be provided at home or in an outpatient manner at the same level of care.
  • Children in hospital should have the right to constant contact with their parents and siblings. Where possible, parents should be assisted and encouraged to stay with the child in hospital. Parents should be fully informed about the ward operation and encouraged to take an active part in it to participate in the care of their child.
  • Children and their parents have the right to be provided information in a form appropriate to their age and understanding. At the same time, they must have an opportunity to talk openly about their needs with the staff.
  • Children and their parents have the right to participate in an informed way in all decisions regarding the health care provided to them. Every child must be protected from all procedures that are not necessary for his/her treatment, and from unnecessary actions to alleviate his/her physical or emotional distress.
  • Children must be treated with tact and understanding, and their privacy must always be respected.
  • The care for children must be provided by properly trained staff who are fully aware of the physical and emotional needs of children of all ages.
  • Children should be able to wear their own clothes and have their belongings with them in the hospital.
  • Children should be cared for together with other children of the same age group.
  • Children should be in an environment furnished and equipped to meet their developmental needs and requirements. This environment must meet recognized child safety standards and principles.
  • Children should have full opportunities to play, rest and acquire education, adapted to their age and state of health.
  • The Charter of Hospitalized Children was created in association to the Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms.

The Charter of Hospitalized Children was declared by the Central Ethics Commission of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic in 1993.