The position of Ombudsman was established at Olomouc University Hospital on 1 February 2008. Formerly, the agenda was carried out by the Inspection Department. The Ombudsman is appointed by the Managing Director of Olomouc University Hospital. He/she is obliged to maintain confidentiality.  The Ombudsman's competence is only within Olomouc University Hospital.

  1. The Ombudsman's mission is to help patients, their families and other close persons. He/she helps patients with problems which the patients are struggling with and which are related to Olomouc University Hospital.
  2. If a major problem occurs, the Ombudsman aims to find an immediate solution in cooperation with the given department. He/she may help to provide a contact or arrange a meeting with the senior employees of the department with which the patients have issues. The ombudsman will give advice as regards possible solutions to the problems. 
  3. Every issue will be investigated and if necessary, corrective measures will be suggested and implemented as soon as possible. Investigations into disputes are not conducted in a confrontational manner. Each employee involved in a particular issue may give his/her opinion, as may his/her superior who is always informed about the issue.
  4. The Ombudsman of Olomouc University Hospital may be contacted in several ways:
  • In writing: complaints and applications may only be filed in writing (by registered mail) and must include name and surname, address in the Czech Republic to which a written reply is to be sent, and the signature of the complainant.
  • By telephone: via the Olomouc University Hospital central telephone exchange at 588 441 111, or via the direct line 588 443 172
  • Email:
    • This email address can only be used for filings and, exceptionally, for expressions of thanks (name, surname and place of residence in the Czech Republic have to be specified), but it cannot be used for complaints and applications.
    • If an email has a "guaranteed electronic signature", it may be used to send anything (applications, complaints, and filing).
    • A personal visit may also be arranged via email.
  • Personal meeting: (it is advisable to arrange a personal meeting in advance via telephone or email) complaints, applications, filings or suggestions may be filed and recorded in a report during the meeting. The following must be specified: meeting scheduled for a specific date and time, basic information about the problem. An ID card issued by an official authority must be presented.

In such cases, the document must include a description of the relevant event (date, time, department, and/or the identities of the people involved), the designation of the patient to whom the filing of the complaint is related, and a forwarding address (or a telephone number). It must be clear with each filed complaint who or on whose behalf the complaint is being filed (with the express consent of that person) and the matter of concern. If the forwarding address is not specified or if a guaranteed electronic signature is not affixed (in the case of a complaint filed via email), the complaint will be considered to be anonymous.

An application and expression of thanks may also be filed via an online form which is available on the home page of the Olomouc University Hospital Internet website.