Communication with Hearing-Impaired Persons During the Provision of Health Services

Interpretation into Czech sign language in Olomouc University Hospital is provided using the following:

  1. Special tablet for the deaf
  2. Regional Union of the Deaf

Arrangement of communication with the deaf:

  1. Via on-line transmissions in cooperation with the agency for the deaf Tichý Svět o.p.s. (Silent World, public service company), staff from the Emergency Department (URGENT) of Olomouc University Hospital will give instructions and lend tablets to deaf patients. All non-medical health professionals at the Emergency Department (URGENT) have been trained in the use of the tablets and in this method of on-line communication.
    The tablet may be used in all departments which are covered by the Public FNOL Wi-Fi signal.
  2. In health departments which are not covered by the Public FNOL Wi-Fi signal, communication with the Regional Union of the Deaf will be ensured by a health professional from the department which needs the interpreting service. The telephone numbers of the Regional Union of the Deaf are as follows: +420 774 585 225, +420 777 959 722, +420 585 225 597.