Information for Parents

If your child is to be hospitalised in the Children's Clinic of Olomouc University Hospital, please provide him/ her with the following basic items:

  • Basic toiletries(soap, shampoo etc.)
  • Cotton socks
  • Dressing gown
  • Pyjamas
  • Items your child likes (toys, books etc.)
  • If your child is used to drinking e.g. mineral water or juice at home, you can pack it up for him/her; tea is provided at the clinic in order to comply with the drinking regime.

NOTE - If you leave an expensive toy or any valuable item (walkman, radio, portable TV, videogame player etc.) with your child in a ward, we must inform you that the department will not accept liability for its loss or damage.

In the event of a child's long-term hospital stay, it is also advisable to bring his/ her schoolbooks (at least Czech language and mathematics schoolbooks) and teaching aids (pen, pencil, eraser, coloured pencils).

Children's diets in the hospital vary based on their age and the nature of their disease. Therefore, do not bring too many sweets for your children. Fruit may be brought to the department upon agreement with a nurse.

A child's mother may be admitted with her child to the Children's Clinic of Olomouc University Hospital. The mother's admission is determined by the physician and is based on the child's condition, the nature of his/ her disease, and on the availability of beds.

Because the clinic was built at a time when a parental stay in the hospital was not usual, only a few rooms are arranged in such a way that allows a mother to stay with her child in a single room. Breastfeeding mothers, mothers of children who are expected to stay in the hospital for a longer time and mothers of chronically ill children who are admitted in order to be trained in special care have priority with regard to sharing a common room. In other cases, a child's mother can stay overnight in a parental room outside of the department. During the day, she can spend time in the room with her child and take care of him/ her.

According to the Health Regulations, only parents and foster parents are considered to be escorts for a child. This does not apply to grandparents, siblings and other accompanying persons (the hospitalisation fee of CZK 514.00 per day is charged if such persons are admitted with the child). 

The hospitalisation fee does not apply to the escort of a child under 6 years of age. The hospitalisation fee does not apply to an escort of a child over 6 years of age if agreed by the relevant insurance company.

In the event of the hospitalisation of an escort of a child in the Intensive Care Department and of a child over 6 years of age, without the consent of a relevant health insurance company, the hospitalisation fee of CZK 514.00 per day will be charged. In such a case, the escort will not be entitled to receive a certificate of incapacity for work.

Visiting hours in the Children's Clinic of Olomouc University Hospital are from 10.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m., daily, including Saturdays and Sundays. On individual agreement with the treating physician, parents may stay until their child falls asleep if neither of them are hospitalised. Visits to the Intensive Care and Resuscitation Department are always subject to an agreement with the physician.

Treating physicians provide daily information on the health condition of their child patients after the departmental rounds, usually after 10.00 a.m. In the event of hospitalisation of either of the parents, information on the child's condition is provided during the rounds and, depending on the child's condition, at other times of the day. In the Intensive Care and Resuscitation Department (acute conditions), information on a child's health condition is always provided to one of the parents, based on an agreement with the physician.